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Papaya (Your New Favorite Fruit)

I've decided to take advantage of this heat wave we're having on the west coast and play "vacation" while I'm not at work :) This means more bikinis, more water, and more tropical fruits! So on my last trip to Trader Joe's, I made sure to grab a variety: pineapple, mango, kiwi, papaya... And I'm in love!

I have been a strawberry fanatic my entire life, but I think I have found a new "favorite fruit" after the breakfast I had this morning...

I came up with this list of reasons to love papaya as I devoured mine (covered in lime juice) while soaking in the sun:

  1. They are delicious!! Have you had one?! If yes, you know what I mean and if not, GO GET ONE!
  2. They couldn't' be easier to eat -- Rinse the papaya, cut in half, scoop the seeds out with a spoon, (squeeze some lime all over) and then scoop the fruit straight out of the skin and eat.
  3. They are the perfect for post-workout (good thing I went to the gym this morning lol). They contain an enzyme, papain, that helps break down tough protein fibers and aids in digestion. Papain is also a powerful antioxidant and plays a significant role in breaking down toxins.
  4. They remind me of Hawaii and really, not much can beat that!

Let me know what your favorite fruits are and how your papaya experiences go :)

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