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Yoga Centre Pose of the Month: Handstand

When Yoga Centre started to get active on social media (mainly Instagram), we started a project "#poseofthemonth" to promote our online video site, www.yogacentre.com. We encouraged our followers to practice the "Pose of the Month" and share their photos with us using our hashtag. Each month a winner was chosen and gifted a month of yoga to practice with us online. After more than a year's worth of poses, we decided to take the education of each pose a bit further by incorporating videos.

This month's pose is Handstand, also known as Adho Mukha Vrksasana in Sanskrit. Although this pose is challenging and requires some upper body strength, it is very fun and rewarding to practice. Handstand strengthens the muscles in your shoulder girdle, arms, and hands and tones the abdominal and leg muscles as well. It can be a calming pose, helping to relax the brain and trigger happiness. It also improves our sense of balance as well as our circulation and metabolism.

I'm not really sure why I didn't start sharing these when we first started filming each pose, but here are a few still frames and you can watch the full video here.


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