Hi, my name is Alison (but you can call me Ali). It's nice to meet you!

A true California girl at heart. I was born and raised in southern California (Long Beach to be exact), then found my way up the coast to sunny San Luis Obispo where I attended Cal Poly SLO, became a certified yoga instructor, and worked at a software company for a few years. I've since moved further north and now reside in the Sunset district of San Francisco. 

Some of my favorite things to do include practicing yoga, hiking with my boys (husband Chris & doggo Zeus) and attempting to keep up with this blog. The majority of my posts are focused on food and fitness, but you’ll find a bit of style and travel inspiration sprinkled throughout too.

I started this blog as a creative outlet for myself in college and hope that it inspires others to explore new places, try new things, and fall in love with life.

And if you were curious about the blog name, Take Off Your Party Dress… It's a line from one of my all time favorite songs, Alison by Elvis Costello.