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7 Things to Know Visiting Maui

7 Things to Know Visiting Maui

1.  Sunrise at Haleakala now requires reservations - so make sure to book in advance. Waking up early for this view is so worth it! Also, your entrance fee to Haleakala National Park is good for 3 days so if you plan to do the road to Hana or visit any other areas of the park (like Kipahulu), try to plan those within the same 3 days on your schedule.

2.  Stop at fruit stands or find farmers markets to buy fresh fruit from. Not only are they better priced than breakfast shops and hotel cafes, but you're also supporting businesses locally. I love all of the tropical fruits, pineapple, mango, papaya... Most mornings that's all I really want for breakfast anyways.

3.  In addition to the above, buy alcohol to make your own drinks wherever you're staying. Definitely a big way to save money, although it is always fun to splurge on a few fancy cocktails. I usually go with a classic Lava Flow but my newest favorite is a Tai Chi, which I will soon be trying to recreate myself. If only it were easier to find POG juice here in the states.

4.  The weather is always perfect. Even when its raining, it is still warm and beautiful as ever.

5.  If you are looking for a luau to go to, look no further than the Old Lahaina Luau. Not only do they have incredible performances and amazing food, they offer an open bar for the entire evening too.

6.  When renting a car, think about what you'll be doing during your trip. Plan to stay at your hotel and relax most of the time? Don't need anything too fancy to get you from the airport to your hotel and back. Cruising around the island to go snorkeling at different bays and beaches? Splurge on a convertible so you can enjoy more of the sun with the top down. Driving the Road to Hana? We rented a Jeep with 4-wheel drive so that we could take the Loop/back road of Hana and I highly recommend it! There's plenty of one-lane dirt roads to explore, you might just want to double check with your rental car's policy as some do not allow trips on these roads.

7.  Embrace the Hawaiian lifestyle. Don't forget to slow things down, take time to relax, and live more of that no-stress lifestyle even after you leave the islands.

Big Island

Big Island