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SPOTLIGHT: Knot Sisters

SPOTLIGHT: Knot Sisters

Knot Sisters Michelle Dress | Ariat Boots | Heritage Denim Jacket (similar here) | Ray-Ban Aviators

Photography by Natalie M. Jones

If you haven't read my previous post, then do it! Haha, kidding (kind of), but just to catch you up to speed, I recently returned from a trip out to visit family in Wyoming. Also, I would love if you could take two seconds to vote for my photo here (and help me win a trip to New York!!)

While things tend to feel slower and sometimes monotonous out in the country, there are always moments of excitement to shake you up when you least expect it. Whether it's a sudden thunderstorm or a cow that's gotten loose... well, in my case, that's exactly what happened!

My sister and I had taken our grandpa's 4-wheeler out to feed his horses and on our way out to the far pasture, we had to open and close an inner gate, keeping the two pastures separate. After petting the horses and feeding them their oats, we made our way back to the gate and found one of the cows poking his head through the gap between the gate and the fence post. Not realizing the cow's head was stuck, I continued to get off the ATV and move forward to open the gate... MISTAKE! The cow freaked out, started bucking its body as its head was stuck in the gate and then I started to freak out! I wanted to try to calm the poor guy but there was nothing I could do except back away and let him calm himself down. My dad came out to try to help, but the cow only panicked more and managed to squeeze its body further forward, now stuck at the waist between the gate and the fence post. At this point, my grandpa, (the REAL rancher in this situation), grabbed his shovel and was able to bust the fence chain open, releasing the cow.

As if that wasn't enough drama, now the cow was in the wrong pasture! So we spent the next thirty minutes or so trying to chase down this cow and get him back into the pasture. Needless to say, I have a whole new respect for ranchers and am thoroughly impressed by the fact that they can herd as many as they do (I can also now see how this is an actual rodeo sport!!). At the end of the day, no cows were hurt and I felt a little better when my grandpa said he "could've told you it was Cow No.1 before I even went outside". Apparently, there's always one extra-dumb cow (I've been told they are not very smart in general) and this guy happened to be the one!


I'm thinking this post should really be titled "A Little Bit Country Pt. 2" (and after my story above I'm sure you do too) but this Knot Sisters dress was too good not to highlight. During my last trip home, my sister finally took me to Prism Boutique, which I had told her about when I found them on Instagram and she told me it was right down the street from her favorite coffee shop. Anywaaays, after trying on just about everything in the store (see more photos here) I couldn't bring myself to put down this beautiful black Knot Sisters dress. I love everything about it! From the mesh detailing at the waist to the full length buttons, this dress is a dream and I'm looking forward to transitioning it from summer to fall... 

"One part femme fatale and two parts tomboy cool, Jamie and Cheryl (of Knot Sisters) have brought their own aesthetic to life in a collection that has resonated with women the world over."

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A Little Bit Country

A Little Bit Country