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For The Love of Lemons (Water)

I've recently decided to start taking my water drinking seriously... I don't know about you, but I've always felt like EIGHT-8 ounce glasses a day is such an overwhelming number (and my bladder would agree). But I know there are endless benefits to drinking water and am already feeling better than my old, less hydrated self. My skin isn't acting up near as much and I feel that I have more energy throughout the day, soooo that's awesome!

In case you didn't know, the average human body is composed of 60% water and every single one of our bodily functions is dependent on good ol' H-2-O. All the more reason to throw back a glass as you're reading this now...

Not that a tall glass of ice water sounds like a horrible thing, but to encourage myself to drink even more than I normally do, I splurged on this super fancy water infuser ($4.99 at TJ Maxx). Just by adding a little flavor to my water, I've found myself constantly needing to refill!

Some of my favorite combos:

Lemon - Lime - Cucumber

Watermelon - Mint - Lemon

I figured this post about lemon infused water could also serve as a cheeky opportunity for me to share my beloved Skivvies with you all. For Love & Lemons does it right when it comes to, well, everything so it was no surprise to me that I fell in love with my Lil Kitten Skivvies set!

Coachella Envy

Call Me a Lush