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Beaded Feet & Juice in Hand

Between wearing my new sandals to work yesterday and posting this pic on my Instagram (below), I've received more compliments in the past 24 hours than I could count on hands and feet. Thanks guys, I'm feelin the love!! And thanks to my aunt who snagged these kicks for me :)

 I'm not sure where to find the exact pair online, but I did find a few other pairs that are a similar style. Check out these sandals I found on Swell.com:


(Clockwise from top left:)

Coconuts | Minnetonka | Sanuk | Minnetonka

And because the juice in my Instagram picture was too delicious to not share, here are all the goods that were inside: purple & green kale, spinach, apples, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, purple & orange carrots, and lemon.

Camping in Big Sur

SPOTLIGHT: Stone Fox Swim

SPOTLIGHT: Stone Fox Swim