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I know Thanksgiving isn't the only time of year that we should be giving thanks for all that we have, but I'm so grateful for this special holiday! In an effort to spread the feelings of gratitude, I teamed up with Schmidt's Deodorant to host an Instagram giveaway for my friends and followers to enter (see @missjonesie).

I wanted to host a giveaway with this product not only to show thanks to my friends and followers for their support, but to be able to share this incredible new product I found and spread the word about Schmidt's Deodorant. If you haven't noticed it on my Instagram or previous blog posts, I am a certified yoga instructor who loves to practice! After using the same Secret Sport deodorant for years, I wanted to make the switch to an all-natural deodorant, but was afraid I wouldn't find anything as effective as the aluminum-filled Secret. I tried out a Lavender Toms bar and a LUSH powder deodorant, but neither of them stood up to the sweaty-Vinyasa test quite like my new Schmidt's Deodorant! The smells are delectable (my favorite is the Bergamot+Lime) and they are effective enough to mask any odor my workouts may leave me with.

If you've been considering switching to an all-natural deodorant or know someone who this might make a great holiday gift for, check out their Limited Edition 5-Pack Gift Box. And let me know which scent is your favorite!

All photos (except for bottom) by Natalie M. Jones. Mala beads by Niccola Nelson.

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